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For the ove of gold by kaedyn davis
Updated: 8/24/2020
For the ove of gold by kaedyn davis
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  • Once Upon A time there was a man named jake and rose/wife they lived in a golden castle. In a kingdom names Arendell. Jake loved gold and was always wanting more gold . His castle was made of gold because he was rich from him gambling since last year ,last year he was so poor he couldn't even live on the streets but then he started gambling and then he met his wife and said he was living his dream until it all began .
  • One day Jake had a dream of having gold everywhere and he then wanted gold more than ever so rose tried to give him breakfast in bed then the gambling man called and said come to the casino the prize today is a million blocks of gold and so jake didn't eat he rushed out the door to go to the casino then he got there and played and lost then cried out to the gambling man i'll give you whatever you want i just want the gold and so jake said. Gambling man said ill give you 10,000 golden brick's for your wife rose he thought then said ok come to my house at 11:30 am and pretend to rob us then take my wife and she's all your gambailing man said ok
  • When he got home he said hey to his wife/rose and a few minutes later the gambling man with a mask on knocked on the door .Jake said could you go open the door she said ok and opened it to see 2 guys with mask take her and put her in a van an ride away never to be seen again but then gambling man came back and gave him his 10,000 golden brick and he put all his gold in his safe then midnight struck .
  • The witch was creeping around his backyard , whos out there he said yee hee she said and then the witch said jumba loom you will turn into the thing you love the most yee hehehe she said you have two hours to get your wife back o you will turn into gold yeehee through a potion on the ground and vanished . Then jake panicked looked around every where in Arendelle but could not find her .
  • He said only having 5 minute left if im gonna die and be turned in to gold because i was being selfish im gonna die in my gold house with my gold brick so he went home and his timer went off it started to happen.
  • His skin turnt gold his legs began pinned on the ground they became stiff he couldn't feel is legs Jake said then his hands got stiff getting stuck in place he couldn't wiggle his finger he said to himself then his face and eyes were becoming blind he said i cant see as the gold closed his eyes shut forever a minute later there was a gold statue of jake and he lived not happy forever and ever the end.
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