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Updated: 1/6/2020
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  • Cough, Cough! It is so dark down here and the coal dust is getting into my lungs! Well, this was my fathers job and I must follow the tradition. I think I need a check too because I've been coughing a lot lately
  • Same here, Cough Cough. Why did we take this job ? It is so dangerous down here. I think I might have black lung though. Lets get out of here and go see if we really have black lung.
  • After showering and getting dressed, Dan and Brenda boarded a train to see the near by doctor
  • Brenda, what if we actually have black lung? Oh god, I never should have taken that job!
  • Dan if we have black lung, we would have to live with it for the rest of our lives!
  • Oh no! What do I need to treat it? Will I have to quit my job? Okay good, at least I caught it when I did
  • Dan and Brenda went to the doctors to get tested for black lung. The Doctor is sharing the results with Dan.
  • Dan, I am sorry to say this, but you have black lung. Well, you will have to take medication to help your lungs and you will have to wear a defibrillator if you want to continue to work in the mine.
  • I can't believe this! What will I need to treat it? Ok, I am quitting my job in the mine.
  • After Dan's appointment, Brenda came in to see her results.
  • Brenda, you have black lung. Your lungs are severely damaged and that is why you are coughing so much. We will give you medication and you will need to have oxygen tanks in hand at all times.
  • After the appointment, Brenda and done went home.
  • Well cutting down trees still hurts the environment.Cough, cough we need the trees for fresh oxygen, and when you burn wood it will still release smoke in the atmosphere.
  • Why mine for coal when I can just burn wood and chop trees easily! Cough, cough, Stupid coal!
  • After their talk they moved down stairs
  • I think if I quit my coal job I'll become a lumber jack because wood is renewable energy. That is actually a very good idea!
  • That is true but there has been deforestation all around the world and you do not need to help it, we should actually plant some trees to help the environment for a change
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