Dictatorship Scenario
Updated: 1/20/2021
Dictatorship Scenario

Storyboard Text

  • Home sweet home
  • And...posted!
  • Image posted to Social Media
  • The next day:
  • The next day:
  • Hooray! I got 5,000 likes on the image I posted yesterday!
  • Meanwhile. . .
  • This is illegal! The statue of liberty symbolizes freedom and democracy. The person who posted this must be arrested.
  • Image posted by Ted Rider
  • Office of National Censorship
  • 5K Likes on Social Media
  • I support the Dictator no matter what.
  • Why am I being arrested? Can't I just be live freely as long as it doesn't hurt anybody?
  • No! This is a dictatorship.
  • I didn't even get a trial. The police officers took me to the terrible, ruthless dictator and he sentenced me 5,000 years in prison, just for posting a picture about liberty. Oh, I hate dictatorships!
  • Day 5 of 1,825,000
  • Two weeks later. . .