Task english comic story

Updated: 10/10/2021
Task english comic story

Storyboard Text

  • We don't do cigarettes, we don't do any smoking at all
  • Can we have a cigarette?
  • Give me the matches, you're going to give me them!
  • No I'm not, I'm not going to give you the matches
  • Bex and Chez flying to America...
  • It is so boring
  • Can I get some fresh air
  • Chezdon where are you going?!
  • First meeting with their guest family
  • I feel ill and it is just to much for me
  • Have you asked your teacher to get some fresh air?
  • Young lady you're in our environment. That means you submit to the rules
  • He is NOT my dad, it is like you're trying to annoy me
  • Chez doesn't want to give the matches to David
  • You're not going to sit on my table and talk to her that way!
  • You're going to do some chores under your dad's autority
  • Bex and Chez misbehaving at Sunday School
  • Bex ran away from class and has a talk with the headmistress
  • Teaching Chezdon a lesson about chores