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Updated: 11/13/2020
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • "We will kill this traitor Death, I say!"
  • "Sir, I was told that a friend of yours was slayed."
  • "If we can only catch him, Death is dead!"
  • Three men are in a tavern having some drinks.
  • "I left him there today under a tree, and there you'll find him waiting."
  • A boy comes and tells the men that one of their friends is dead.
  • "It's clear that Fortune has bestowed this treasure to let us live in jollity and pleasure."
  • The three men go and search for Death.
  • The three men meet a very poor old man, and he tells them that Death is under a tree.
  • The three men go to a tree and find gold. But, the men let greed take over themselves.
  • One of the men was stabbed to death, and the other two men drank poison, causing them to die. The three men learned that greed is evil.