LotF Chp. 8
Updated: 3/4/2021
LotF Chp. 8

Storyboard Text

  • The beast is real!!!!!
  • We're loyal to Ralph!
  • I should be your leader!
  • Come leave with me!
  • Where are Bill and Roger?!
  • Jack and Ralph inform Piggy and the boys of their discovery that the "beastie" is real.
  • It's a gift
  • Jack attempts to get the boys to follow him instead of Ralph, and when no one volunteers to join him, he leaves the group.
  • Perhaps I'll let you join my clan. Perhaps not.
  • The boys decide to make a fire on the beach, and they contemplate the disappearance of certain members of their group.
  • Or else we'll do you. See? Do you. See?
  • Jack's new clan go hunting, and mount a pig's head on a spear in Simon's clearing as an offering for the beast.
  • Jack, along with two other boys, steal Ralph and Piggy's fire and invite them to their feast.
  • After Jack's clan leaves, Simon hears the boar's head talking him and passes out in the clearing next to the head where Jack's clan left it.