Plate tectonic comic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Plate tectonic comic

Storyboard Text

  • A convergent boundary is where two tectonic plates move toward each other causing them to push up forming stuff like mountains!
  • Things like mountains, deep ocean trenches and volcanoes can be made!
  • A popular convergent boundary can be found between the Nazca Plate and South American Plate!
  • Only two types of land forms can be made by divergent boundaries, rifts and oceanic ridges.
  • A popular divergent boundary can be found at the Mid Atlantic Ridge between North America and Africa.
  • A divergent boundary is where two plates move away from each other causing new crust to form from the magma rising!
  • Earthquakes and deep trenches mainly occur at transform boundaries.
  • A transform boundary is where two plates slide past each other and lithosphere is not created nor destroyed!
  • An example of where you can find a transform boundary is at the San Andreas Fault!
  • Convection in the mantle is caused by heat from the core! As the rocks get warmer they rise upward. At the top of the asthenosphere the mantle then spreads out and cools. Then the cooler mantle sinks and cooler rock is heated and it repeats.
  • A ridge push is when the cooling lithosphere sinks and pushes on top of the asthenosphere.
  • A slab pull is when the edge of a plate sinks in pulling the rest of the plate with it.
  • The US is surrounded and lives on the North American Plate!!
  • Yes we could be in danger of hazards because of earthquakes and landslides due to plate tectonic movement.
  • In the very distant future there could be potential problems. One major problem that could happen in the future is having a big earthquake and causing the US to be split up!