Unknown Story
Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • hello I'm master williams, I'm from Europe!
  • Hello again, I heard this place called America from my old man so that's were i'm going.
  • This way men
  • This is master Williams, he is a immigrant from Europe, he's a nice boy, parents are too.
  • Cheese!
  • Master Williams parents sadly were caught up in a deadly war, alone and without money Williams must find hope in the new world!
  • wow what is that, it cut through the tree's in seconds.
  • Master Williams traveled by boat but after that he had to cross disgusting marshes and swamps.
  • Williams found work at a local lumber mill, he found cutting down trees was easy and fun.
  • Master Williams was surprised to see the new saw!, an invention that would forever change lumber mills.
  • In the end industrialzation made the lumber mills rich, they now owned blocks of citys, huge factorys, and lot's of money.