Camilo Sanabria-Final Test-Testing
Updated: 11/11/2020
Camilo Sanabria-Final Test-Testing

Storyboard Description

Final test for Testing

Storyboard Text

  • Ok, let's go
  • Wow mom, the beach looks great from here, let's go please!
  • Yeah, now I can play with my new cars!
  • But son, remember not to put them on the water!
  • Nooo, I don't understand what just happened. My cars are turning kind of yellow!
  • Don't tell me that you had them on the water!
  • Oh, TIMMY, come on, I just told you not to put them on the water... Pff I know what happened
  • Look, what happened, is due to corrosion. It happens to iron and its alloys when it is exposed to air or water for a long time.
  • Oh, so thanks to the moisture in my cars they got like this, I saw that topic in my school!
  • Yeah, that's why cars are protected with paint and bicycle chains are covered with grease. Anyways, you get punished because of that... ONE WEEK WITHOUT TOYS!
  • Fine, I'll be more attentive with oxygen, water, and iron while playing with my cars...
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