The Burning of the Executive Mansion
Updated: 2/14/2020
The Burning of the Executive Mansion

Storyboard Text

  • I shall not leave!
  • Mrs. Madison, we really should be going. The British are coming!
  • Cook my husband a feast for his return!
  • We really should be leaving Mistress.
  • Please understand that you can not stay any longer.
  • Many people came to warn Mrs. Madison about the British but she refuses to leave.
  • Pretend that the painting is actually the painting of George Washing ton.
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  • Even though the British were coming, Mrs. Madison asked her slaves to cook Mr. Madison a feast because she thought that he was coming home.
  • Sir! Nobody seems to be home!
  • Jim, what are you doing.
  • You and I bothknow what to do in this type of situation.
  • Mr Madison's very good friend finally came to ask Mrs. Maddison to leave showing her the British that were coming.
  • As Mrs. Maddison prepared to leave, she asked her slaves to take all the documents needed and George Washington's portrait. The painting was nailed to the wall so they cut the portrait out.
  • Use a knife on the painting!
  • Madison and her slaves quickly left after that and the British soldiers came soon after only to find a feast waiting for them.
  • And so the British left the mansion after burning it down very happy with what they ate. They went to burn down the Treasury Department building with afull stomach.
  • Man do they know how to cook.