StoryBoard Part 2

Updated: 5/14/2020
StoryBoard Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Axis vs. Allies: Axis Powers
  • Japan!
  • Germany!
  • The axis powers are going to win this war and rule the world forever.
  • Stay in here for awhile. All of you are going to take a nice shower, so you don't smell putrid anymore! Have fun! 
  • Italy!
  • Axis vs. Allies: Allied Powers
  • Soviet Union!
  • Britain!
  • The allies are going to stop Hitler from taking over the world and ruining it.
  • America!
  • France!
  • It has been long awaited! Guards seize them! You my friends are in for a treat.
  • Hitler's Plan: Capturing the Jews
  • Come now! Haul them away
  • I hope we stay safe. Why are these awful people taking us away for our religion?
  • Hitler's Plan: The Holocaust
  • I have a bad feeling that he is lying. I just hope that my kids stay safe.
  • We Can Do It!
  • Home Front: "We Can Do It" Poster
  • Home Front: Services
  • Thank you! Can I have 5 please?
  • Come take it please! You only get two now move along!