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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • There's a cave!
  • The Spotting
  • The Entrance
  • I think a cyclops lives here.
  • He's trying to eat us!
  • The Dinner
  • Odysseus' crew spotted a cave while on their voyage. They decided to stop and explore the cave for food and valuables.
  • The Stabbing
  • Odysseus and a crew of 12 of his best fighters went into the cave and found food. instead of leaving, they decided to wait for the cyclops to get home and give Odysseus a gift.
  • The Escape
  • Where are you Nohbody?
  • When the cyclops came home, he gave the men no gifts but instead ate two of them!
  • The Boast
  • Go faster!
  • The cyclops was keeping the men prisoner so they decided to get him drunk and stab his eye.
  • If we can stab his eye, he will be blinded and we can escape!
  • After this the cyclops waited by the door to catch the men as he heard them escape but they escaped on the underbellies of sheep.
  • After leaving, Odysseus screamed to the cyclops that he was smarter than it and what it had done to escape. The cyclops got mad and threw the top of a mountain at the boat.