Hallucinogens project
Updated: 2/22/2021
Hallucinogens project

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • I can't keep doing this everyday. It is so physically and mentally draining, but I need the money.
  • Experimentation
  • Do you need an escape from the world right now
  • More than anything.
  • Regular or Social Use
  • Is this stuff okay for me to use?
  • Phil has been very stressed out from work lately. He is getting bombarded with papers and needs a way out.
  • Problem/Risky Use
  • This is making me feel so much better.
  • Phil gets approached by a guy. He asks Phil after a long day if he needs something to relieve him or distract him from anything. Phil says yes and the guy give him a bag with capsules of LSD and says this will help. The guy also gives him his information in case he wants more.
  • Dependence
  • You need some more eh?
  • Phil starts to take LSD as an escape from long days at work, but not everyday after work. He is starting to have doubts about the LSD an is wondering if he should stop, but he is careful with how much he takes.
  • Addiction
  • I'm scared
  • It's okay Phil. They are gonna make you better.
  • Phil uses LSD more often. He continues to use it after long days and starts to use LSD on the weekend too.
  • Phil continues going back to the same guy for more LSD. Phil is using LSD on the daily. He feels he needs the sensations to get through the day. He is wasting a lot of money purchasing LSD now, instead of buying necessities.
  • Yes. Yes, please.
  • One of Phil's workmates sees the bottle of LSD and takes him to a rehabilitation center. There he is separated from the drug. He also gets to talk with therapists about his problems instead of using LSD to escape.