The most dangerous game
Updated: 11/29/2017
The most dangerous game
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  • exposition
  • rising action #1
  • rising action #2
  • Rainsford and whitney are on a boat and Rainsford ends up falling off the boat and ends up on ship trap island. once he is on the island he finds a 22 casing and wonders who is on this island
  • rising action #3
  • Rainsford makes all these fox trails in the woods. General Zarrof is intrigued because it was going to be a challenge to find Rainsford and kill him. 
  • climax
  • Rainsford makes a trap called Malaya Man Catcher to slow down the General. He gets injured by the trap and leaves to heal his wound. He then returns with his best dog.
  • resolution
  • Rainsford makes another trap called the Burmese Tiger Pit. It is a big hole with sharp edges. The General's best dog falls in and dies.
  • Rainsford jumps off the cliff to avoid death from the General. He doesn't realize Rainsford is on his way to the General's Chateau. 
  • The General walks into his bedroom at his Chateau and realizes Rainsford is waiting for him. We can infer that Rainsford killed the General and slept in his bed. 
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