allegory of the cave.
Updated: 1/29/2021
allegory of the cave.

Storyboard Text

  • there are prisoners behind the wall watching the shadows from the fire and the woman ae moving the shadows to make them seem real and they are also making sounds.
  • woman is shoving the prisoner out the cave
  • prisoner is shelding his eyes from the sunlight.
  • as he walks through the forest he relizes that the feels bad for the other prisoners so he decides to go try to pursuade them to leave the cave and come out side.
  • as he is trying to pursuade them they yell and fight back b/c they doen't want to leave the cave b/c they think that what theyv'e know all there life is the truth.
  • so after he when into the cave he messed up his eyes so he wouldn't be able to go back out side so he went back to his life behinde a wall knowing the truth of everything.