How It Went Down
Updated: 1/31/2021
How It Went Down

Storyboard Description

A 16-year old boy is killed outside of a corner store. Many shots were fired and many people fled the scene, but no one knows who killed him.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, stop... come back here!
  • This guy in this hoodie is a thief, I need to stop him.
  • Corner store
  • I cant wait to tell Tina I got her a snickers.
  • On the corner of peach street...
  • Looks like the newbie Tariq is getting in trouble.. That punk!
  • You thief! Stop right here
  • Well there's my bf over there wearing that stupid black hoodie.
  • Hey dude would you leave me alone!
  • Up the street...
  • Hey leave him alone!! *Pulls out gun*
  • Are the bullying Brian?
  • Does he need help?
  • Everyone starts shooting...
  • Im out of here!
  • OMG!!!
  • Everyone flees the scene... leaving evidence.
  • Everyone flees the scene... Leaving evidence.
  • Run! Jennica let's go!!