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Updated: 4/30/2019
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  • Exposition
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • In the 1900's white actors and actresses would paint their faces black to ridicule black folks in film and TV because blacks were not allowed to act.
  • Climax
  • "Its not that serious"
  • "Its just a sweater"
  • Later on when blacks were first allowed on film they were forced to paint their faces black as well to portray black people which allowed them to be even more degraded.
  • Falling Action
  • This should not be allowed.
  • Stop buying GUCCI products!
  • After all this time in 2019 GUCCI produces a black sweater covering the bottom half of the face resembling blackface with an opening for the mouth with a wide bright red brim resembling a characterization of what is said black peoples lips look like.
  • Resolution
  • GUCCI is helping oppress the black race. Boycott! Don't buy their products!
  • GUCCI apologized via media and claimed they did not mean to offend anyone nor was the sweater supposed to make it outside of the production line and never to be advertised or shown to the public, yet the community is not sufficed with this it was obviously made through hatred of the black race as a cruel racist joke.
  • "They purposely ridiculed Blacks with their product'
  • Blacks are overreacting
  • "Gucci's Blackface Sweater is unacceptable"
  • "The African American race is making something into a big deal"
  • "Gucci's Blackface Sweater is unacceptable"
  • "Everything isn't about the black race"
  • "Its just a sweater"
  • The black community all over is upset over how this can just be allowed not even that it made it out of production but the simple fact that it was even thought of and actually created. The black community wants it over with and wants nothing of the black race to be associated with GUCCI at all regardless of apologies or anything else.
  • We won't accept this racism.
  • Don't Promote GUCCI !!!
  • GUCCI did nothing wrong. Products are just fashion based not racist.
  • As a result the majority of the black community that feels so deeply and strongly about the situation which is extremely serious has came to a conclusion that the easiest and most civil way possible is to peacefully and non violently boycott GUCCI, not buying or advertising their products or brand and encourage those who do that it is not right.
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