Top 10 Project Management Responsibilities-Chavez Cruz Jose Luis MT-91

Updated: 6/14/2020
Top 10 Project Management Responsibilities-Chavez Cruz Jose Luis MT-91

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Chavez Cruz Jose Luis MT-91

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  • Top 10 Project Management ResponsibilitiesDaily tasks
  • Hello Marco if you received my letter emails that I sent you?
  • No, Ana had problems and that's why I agreed to do this meeting with you.
  • Ok you frame if you want we will have the missing jobs in the company.
  • Discussion of Ideas
  • There is a framework, but good now that I remember are meetings, control panels, daily supervision of the project and forming a team, etc.
  • Hi guys, I wanted to know if you know the services that our company has for project responsibilities?
  • Juan, I really don't remember but I think Ana, if you know some?
  • Solution proposal
  • Woow, Marco thought you didn't know but hey, there's still more to learn.
  • Do not worry Juan, tomorrow I will send Marco a contention to learn more about the responsibilities of the projects.
  • Ok guys, the section is over, see you later, bye.
  • OK, Ana is fine I will go to conferences, but I need to tell you Checklist, timesheets, expenses and Problems / Risks.
  • Ok Ana, you know the project responsibilities very well but I can't say the same Marco, he needs to go to other conferences to learn from what we are talking about in this section.
  • Emails: Whether you love or hate them, people still spread vital project information via email.Calls: There will be calls that you must attend and others that you must make to keep in touch with several people on the project team.Meetings - Meetings are another way to get your message across to the large team or stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Weekly duties
  • Make meetings productive and fun to keep morale and commitment high.Make personal and intentional calls to build relationships and not waste people's valuable time.Leave meetings with closing and action items so team members can start running.
  • Hello, I will talk about the Project management responsibilities.
  • Dashboard: This is your one-stop-shop for all those important metrics.Daily Project Status: One metric that is super important is the status of the project and observing where it is compared to where you planned to be now.Team: Records with your team are a great way to get a barometer of the project from those on the front line.
  • Contribution of actions and activities
  • Solve the problems, because a persistent problem will not go away on its own and will probably get worse.Clear up the ambiguity to make sure everyone is clear on what to do or what the current status of the project is.Ask questions, because by keeping curious and engaging your project team, you learn and lead a better project.
  • Problems / Risks: Problems ahead and if any of the risks you identified occur.Timesheets: More accurate picture of project progress.Daily checklist - which means you are less likely to miss something.Budget / Expenses: How much money did you budget to spend at this point in the project and how much have you actually spent?
  • Conclusions
  • Woow, Ana really was right the conferences help you, and what is of utmost importance the responsibilities in any field.
  • Hopefully the Uber doesn't take so long that it has already started to rain, I hope I don't get sick.
  • Weekly Project Status: When looking at the daily progress of the project, you should also keep track of your weekly progress.Overall Project Status - You also want to view the overall project status to determine where you might need to address the issues.Dashboard: The dashboard is a daily and weekly stop as it gives you a moving picture of the project's progress.
  • Tips for Daily PM Success
  • Woow very good actions Dr. Anabel
  • Stakeholder Summary - Your stakeholder will want a report, which can be easily generated from the dashboard.Timesheet Approvals - You have been tracking time with your daily timesheet review, but now you will need to approve them in order for your team to receive a payment.Invoice: The same applies to invoices that have accumulated during the week.Weekly Start / Recap: On Mondays you will want to start the week early and at the end of the week you will have a Recap on Friday to see how you did it.
  • I have nothing else to say thank you guys and we'll see you next time.Don't forget these important points mentioned. Thank you.
  • Tips for Daily PM Success
  • Thank you for the conference and we hope to see you again. Goodbye.
  • Weekly Log - Like your daily logs, you'll want to have a more structured and far-reaching one for the week.Team Appreciation - Don't forget to write down milestones and give your team the attention it deserves for a job well done.Lessons learned: Take time to look back and summarize what went right and what went wrong, and learn from both experiences so you can drive the good and minimize the bad.
  • Student: Chavez Cruz Jose Luis.Subject: MT-91 Project Engineering.