The Tell-Tale Heart
Updated: 8/29/2018
The Tell-Tale Heart
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  • How can I be mad? This diaese didn't dull my senses they increased them. I could hear everything on Earth and Heaven. Can't you see how calmly I can tell the whole story.
  • How I ever adored the old man. He was always kind to me and never gave me insult. But it was his eye. The eye that made my blood drop by degrees. It haunted me day and night. I only had one idea to rid myself of the eye forever. At that time I decided to take the old man's life.
  • So every night at midnight I creeped into his room. You would have laughed at how stealthly I creeped. But I couldn't get myself to do it just yet. I couldn't take his life knowing how sweet and kind he was to me.
  • On the eighth day I creeped in to the old man's room like always. But tonight I made a slight sound that awoke the man. He crowed. Then like always when I opened the slightest crack of light of my latantern but tonight that eye was open. That stinken eye it filled me with rage. I knew at that moment I could fulfill the deed.
  • Then I ran towards him and flipped the bed. I heard a scream and listened to him take his final breathe. Next, I cut off all of his limbs and hid them between the scanlings. I put the boards back into place. Then I cleaned up the crime. There wasn't a single drop of blood. No ordinary eye could capture what had happened that night. Then I heard a knocking on the door. 
  • Ha Ha Ha
  • I did it I killed the Old Man. Take me away! Get me away from that awful beat!
  • They are mocking me. They can hear the slow heart beat too, they know. They know I am guilty.
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