dinner bulling and home bulling

Updated: 5/21/2019
dinner bulling and home bulling

Storyboard Text

  • You look weird in school today.
  • Why did you say to me you look weird yesterday?
  • I just had a rough night. I meant to send it to my sister We were just kidding .
  • Oh OK . Is it OK if we are best friends aging. Maybe you could come to my house one day .
  • sure it is OK if we could be friends. OK maybe over the summer.
  • Thanks! Maybe I could go to your house tommorow?
  • Summer
  • You have a nice house . Ok!
  • You also have a nice house. Hey can I have your number? Hey let's go get some food, I will pay!
  • Thanks. I could give my number to you . Ok!
  • Hey what do you want to eat?
  • I want pizza!
  • The End