Mahmoud's Journey
Updated: 1/9/2020
Mahmoud's Journey
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  • These three scenes are apart of the rising action Mahmouds mom and himself have to make the disition to leave hanna with anther bout of refugees so she can live. " At least take my sister! Mahmoud begged" (Gratz 162).
  • "My baby, Mahmoud's mother wailed Hana is gone"(Gratz 179).
  • "Whack! A soldier clubbed Mahmoud's father with his nightstick, and Dad went down again in a heap"(Gratz 268).
  • This is the climax of the story because Mahmoud has to make the decision to be seen. He does that by walking out the door of the refugee camp. "... as long as he was invisible he was safe, and comfortable it was time for both those things to change Mahmoud took a deep breath and pushed the door open"(Gratz 283).
  • This is the falling action were they are walking the way to a area were they are safe."Were walking to Austria"(Gratz 284)
  • This id the conclusion where they are put into a temporary home with a older women named Ruthie, Josefs sister. "... until a host family agreed to let them share there home"(Gratz 310-311).
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