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Updated: 1/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Han Dynasty Falls
  • The Peasants Rebelled For 20 Years
  • Sui Dynasty
  • Wendi made tests to see if officials were qualified
  • Tang Dynasty
  • Warlords were thirsty for power and divided the power. Corrupt Officials angered the lower class and causes more rebellions.
  • Tang Inventions
  • Wendi was the first person to reunite China in 400 years. Yengdi, his son, enjoyed wealth and did everything in his power to get more wealth leading to the fall of this dynasty.
  • Song Dynasty
  • This was a golden age
  • Li Yuan had a strong military and because of this he managed to conquer most of China. Also the trade with others helped spread cultural ideas.
  • Song Inventions
  • The had a clock that was powered by water
  • The Tang invented and improved the grand canal. The grand canal greatly increased trade and made this a time of great prosperity.
  • Tests that were made stressed Confucianism and gave people a chance to become officials.
  • At this time the greatly improved their military force by introducing gunpowder and inventing the crossbow.
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