Updated: 1/14/2021

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  • Hey Eleanor,can we review for our test for next week?
  • It's about Consequences of Special Relativity.
  • Listen, Einstein said that moving around like The Flash, who moves as fast as the speed of light, has consequences because of relativistic motion.
  • Sure! Let's do it!
  • Do you remember the Consequences and their meanings?
  • Wait, let me think. the first one is relative simultaneity. It's, like, two people don't observe a lightning strike at the same time because the image of the lightning strike took time to reach each of them and the observers were in different distance.
  • Right! The other one is Time Dilation. It's when the object is zooming at around the speed of light, making the time halt for that object...
  • ...and the last one is Length Contradiction, which means the object's length shortens due to moving very quickly!
  • Nice! But look at the time! it's time to eat!