Updated: 2/17/2021

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  • 10 people received a note from someone they apparently know to come to this island called Solider island.
  • Oh look I think thats the house we are staying at!
  • Yes let go and see it!
  • The 10 people come to this house and have a lovely dinner, but then hear a voice stating that everybody in the room had at least killed one person. They found where the voice was coming from and it was just a gramophone.
  • Emily killed Beatrice, Mr. Blore killed James, Vera killed Cyril, Lombard killed 21 men in Africa, general Macarthur killed Arthur, Anthony killed John Mr. & Mrs. Rogers killed Jennifer and Mr. Wargrave killed Edward
  • they are saying such horrible things
  • Who is speaking
  • Oh its this gramophone playing it.
  • I think it might have been suicide!
  • oh my goodness he just choked
  • Cough! Cough! Cough!
  • They were all together on the balcony talking about the crazy events that just happened and then Anthony Marston choked on his drink. Some of the people think it might have been suicide.
  • Mrs. Rogers one of the servants fainted when hearing the gramophone, but Dr. Armstrong gave her sleeping medications. Then they noticed she isn't sleeping she has died!
  • It looks like she's felling better after she fainted
  • Wait uh i'm not sure she is asleep I think she might be...dead
  • Uh nooo
  • Dr. Armstrong, Mr. Blore and Mr. Lombard set out to find the crazy person who invited them to this island U.N.O.
  • I'm done with who ever sent us here we need to find this U.N.O
  • Yes Lets search the island!
  • oh my godness
  • They have another death.. General Macarthur has just died after acting odd for that last couple of days.
  • another death!
  • uh no
  • I'm afraid we have another death... General Macarthur died..