Putin goes for a walk
Updated: 1/28/2021
Putin goes for a walk

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  • Lorem Impus
  • Oh my God! A TACTIC CAMEL!!!!!! "@$&%
  • الثقافة الرومانية
  • President Putin goes out for a walk.
  • Suddenly, a tactic armed flying camel shows up.
  • Let's invest in the country with this yen
  • Putin starts chasing the camel, when the camel airdrops an instant noodles can and hits Putin in the face with a Yen.
  • nikogda tebya ne podvedu
  • Putin gets down to grab the Yen.
  • Putin goes to the beach to invest with the yen.
  • Out of nowhere a tsunami appears, and Rick Astley surfs it with a train while singing, and Putin sings along in russian. And they lived happily ever after.