Egyptian storyboard

Updated: 1/8/2021
Egyptian storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! Today you will learn about us, the Egyptians!
  • In Egypt, there are things called the red, and black lands; the rend lands are hot uninhabitable deserts, and the black lands are fertile soil we use to grow our crops.
  • Behind me, is a statue of King Tut, he was from the 18th dynasty, he was very important because he restored the religion his father had destroyed.
  • Novice scribes would write in hieratic script, and more advanced scribes would write in hieroglyphics.
  • In Egypt, we have different social classes. The most educated class were the scribes, they learned how to read and write.
  • This is the Nile, every year when it floods it brings silt after, this silt is amazing for making the land perfect for farming!
  • This is the pyramid of King Khufu, the Egyptians were polytheistic meaning they believed in many gods.
  • The Egyptians would mummify their pharaohs, the Egyptians would do this so they could live in the afterlife.
  • Here is the tomb of King Ramesses II, he was part of the 19th dynasty, he was one of the most powerful pharaohs.