My life in Middle Colonies
Updated: 2/12/2021
My life in Middle Colonies

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  • Tomatoes ah yes
  • Hi! I'm Ava, and this is my family. My mom is cooking and my dad is working out on the farm. While I walk you through what we do in our family.
  • Yeah gettie up gettie up
  • Meanwhile...
  • Sometimes me and my family go on rides around the city. We see a lot of people like England, Ireland and lots more!
  • When me and my parents go on rides we see people from France, England, Ireland, Netherland and many more.
  • As you see, my mom is teaching me how to read and write because since I'm only 4 she is starting to teach me stuff every day at 4:30 then makes me dinner.
  • Later...
  • At night time mom makes dinner, then she puts dinner i our room and we all go out to farm. After that we get ready for bed, eat brush teeth, then go to sleep. It was nice talking to you about our day, have a good day. Byeeeeee