By Myself
Updated: 12/17/2020
By Myself

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  • I have to say goodbye.
  • Dear Dina, This is the only way I could keep you safe, they have come for us. Don't fight it, but, once you get to Siberia there will be a place where they dump the deceit, you need to go to the forest. The deeper you go, the deeper i'll be.Your loving brother, Joshua
  • Dina can barley keep her eyes open, but, what she can see is her dying family falling to the floors of the cattle car. Suddenly, Dina passes out.
  • Dina wakes up on the side of the road, and surrounding her is her dead family, The Nazis must have thought she was dead too. She embraces her family for hours, but she knows she has to find her brother.
  • Dina wanders the forest for days, constantly reading the note her brother left for her to find him.
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