To kill a mockingbird chapter 6
Updated: 1/28/2021
To kill a mockingbird chapter 6

Storyboard Text

  • Jem and Dill disobey Atticus and sneak over to the Radley Place where Scout joins them.
  • As the kids are sneaking around they then spot a man and would also hear a gun shot. The kids would run but Jems pants got caught on the fence.
  • As they return home a group of adult awaits them including Atticus. The adults inform them that Mr. Radley shot somebody and is awaiting to shoot anyone else who goes on his land.
  • Atticus asked Jem where his pants were and the children then made up a story about how he lost it in a game of poker.
  • Later on Jem would go back to Radleys place to grab his pants that got caught on the fence
  • Scout awaits the return of Jem and makes sure Atticus stays asleep. Jem finally returns with his pants and then they go to bed.