Unknown Story

Updated: 8/27/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Wes calls his home and begs his mother to let him come home, but Joy says that Wes had to give the place a chance and too many sacrifices had been made for him to quit after only four days.
  • Wes is entered into Valley Forge as a new student,.
  • One day, Wes meets this girl named Alicia, and the soon become very close. Two months later, Alicia informs Wes that she’s pregnant.
  •  Wes was confused and ultimately felt betrayed by his mother’s choice.
  • why mama ?
  •  He follows the map, which leads him through the unfamiliar forest surrounding the school. Wes soon became lost and scared and broke down crying
  • im pregnant
  • He cleans his face from the beating he took, put on fresh clothes, and hid his gun just as the police come to his house, A few minutes later, the police left with Wes, and the streets begin to clear. Tony arrives, but all his mother could say was that Wes was gone.
  • wes is gone