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Updated: 11/26/2020
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  • Tell the Wolves I'm Home By Carol Rifka Brunt
  • Theme
  • Theme Development #1
  • Progress Check #3 by Dan Longo
  • Theme Development #2
  • A main theme in this story is that only when one understands another's point of view and experience can they move on from the past. This theme is shown by the many interactions June and her family has with other characters following the shock of Finn dying. These interactions cause June to rethink how she sees the world.
  • Theme Development #3
  • Thanks... You know, thanks for coming.
  • A notable event that June goes through that enlightens her to another's point is view is when Greta expresses her worry about June seeing Toby. In this example, Greta opens up to June about wanting to spend more time with her, but June replies with anger. When Greta says "You know... I thought once Finn was gone... I thought you and me..." (ch. 46 p. 84) June replies with "You thought what? That you could torment me full time?" (ch. 46. p. 85) This exchange between these characters shows what happens when people are not willing to understand each other, in this case it leads to June and Greta temporarily growing further apart.
  • Thematic Solution
  • "I'm the one who should be sad, he was my little brother." (ch. 35 p. 53) Is the line that June heard from her mom which changed how she viewed her grief. Hearing this, June was reluctantly able to understand that she was not the only person heavily affected by Finn's death. June eventually came to accept this brutal truth that she learned through understanding her mother. This allowed her to move past her grief as her family has already done.
  • The theme is shown at it's best through everyone's relationships to Toby. In this story, Toby represents a tragic misunderstanding that the other characters overcome through their interactions with Toby. Through understanding Toby, June is able to once again form a close bond with somebody as she once did with her uncle Finn, this shows her that there are other great people in the world. Toby's influence on the rest of the family is initially negative, but as they understand him they learn to forgive and accept as Toby gives them his last words. When June says, "Finn was my first love. But Toby, he was my second." (ch. 65 p. 1) It shows that she has acknowledged her capability to love other people.
  • The arrest and death of Toby is what eventually brings everyone together. Greta's decision to help keep Toby out of trouble and Danielle's decision to keep the portrait is the eventual payoff of the struggle. This resolution was a result of the family being at some of their lowest points during this despair, and through their interactions together they learned that they must help each other to get out of it.