Stepping on the Cracks
Updated: 5/23/2020
Stepping on the Cracks

Storyboard Text

  • don't call me lizard
  • I can call you what i want lizard!
  • you're lying, I didn't see anyone!
  • We just saved your life and i don't expect you to thank me
  • what does she know about me? why doesn't she like me?
  • I will have to make sure i don't make any mistakes
  • I do not have any favorites, I will treat you all the same. I hate all of you!
  • I'll show those boys we are tough too and we are not scared of the crazy man!
  • yee yee yeee!!!
  • don't start acting bad like Elizabeth
  • I'm sleeping with the light on please
  • there are only hobos in the woods
  • are there crazy people who are loose in the woods
  • are you eating ok because you look thin
  • he looks familiar THAT IS STUART!
  • he is supposed to be in the army and he is hiding like a coward