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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Introduction
  • 4.are you going to bring nick
  • 3.me and ross are going you sould come theo is bringing robin
  • 1.sabrian have u heard about the carnival its coming here tonight.
  • 2.no
  • 5.yes
  • event 1
  • 1.hey robin
  • 2.hey
  • 5.ok
  • 3.ok were going to be late for class lets go
  • 4.ok
  • 1.we have extiting news the carnival is in town and we get free passes to the carnival
  • event 2
  • Theo harvey ,Ross and Sabrina were waiting outside their school waiting for the morning bell to ring.
  • event 3
  • 1.were do u guys want to go
  • 2.im proble going to go with harvey to look around
  • 3.whats wrong ross
  • So ross and harvey are dating and theo and robin are dating.
  • event 4
  • 2.what are u doing in here
  • 1.what happend
  • 2.i got bite by a snake it herts
  • 3.what
  • ahh
  • The office anow that theres a carnival in town tonight and that the school gets free passes sabrina feels somthing bads going to happen but she ignores it and goes on with her day hole the class is happy.
  • event 5
  • 1.whats wrong with ross
  • 2.here give here this
  • 1.what happend
  • 2.u trun to stone
  • The group of friends/cupules go looking around.
  • 4.ok
  • 3.me to
  • Ross gos to look in the tents and got bit by a snake that can trun people into stone and that women is the onwner of the snake. They ask what happend. then ross truns into stone.
  • 1.where is every body.awwwwww
  • 4.are u okay
  • 5.are u okay
  • 6.what
  • The friends are wondering what happend to ross then this women comes and gives them the cure her and turn ross back to human.
  • 3.who are u
  • 4.thank u
  • 3.she helped u get better
  • 5.thank u
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