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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/11/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The bicycle and the sweet shop
  • The great mouse plot
  • Mr.Coombes
  • Were are those kids!
  • This chapter is about some boys that always come in a sweet shop that is owend by Ms.Pratchett .In paragrph 25 it states that she was always mean to the children. Also it states that she would never welcome the kids in when ever they would go in.
  • Mrs.Pratchetts Revenge
  • In this chaper its about some sneaky kids that want to slip a mouse in one of Ms.Patchetts jars of candy.Dahl found a mouse and want to put it in her jar because she was mean and he wanted to play a trick this was on paragraph 15
  • First Day
  • Hello sir
  • This chaper is about the shop being closed and the kids had to go to the school and line up to confront Ms. Pratchett to see who put the mouse in her jar. In pararaph 68 the boys got in trouble cause Mrs. Pratchett found out it was them who pout the mouse i the jar cause they were the last ones in her store.
  • The Matron
  • I don't like these little kids
  • This chapter is about Dahl and his friends getting caned. In paragrph 47 Mrs.Pratchett want M.Coombes to hit the kids hard.The kids got caned through the whole chaper and it left Dahl with a burse.
  • Hit him hard
  • Hello nice to meet you Ms.Dahl
  • First day is about Dahl going to boarding school and its his first day. Dahl met the princeaple that told him about somethings about thee school and Dahl said goodbye to his mom and cryed cause he was going to miss her. That was on paraghraph 14.
  • This chapter is about a matron thats mean to the kids.Such as paragraph 29 the matron didnt like small kids.She was also was shriked about things.
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