Iwakura Mission
Updated: 1/9/2021
Iwakura Mission

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  • Wait what are we doing again?
  • Were going on the Iwakura mission, silly
  • well he's not very bright. this oughta be fun.
  • Wait, why? and what are we doing again?
  • its alright. only like three years with this dumby
  • were going to travel around the world and visit other countries and see what worked in their society and bring back all our notes. were living in an evolving place so we should make haste.
  • were going to go to Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Prussia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. and that's just Europe.
  • so where are we going to go?
  • After that then we will go to Egypt, Aden, Ceylon, Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Washington D.C. should take about three years.
  • the west has gained significantly since industrialization
  • it is. it gives us lots of time to catch up too!
  • its good to know nobody wants to take over japan
  • i can't believe were finally going home
  • we've learned so much
  • i hope they like what we have to say
  • and to slowly transition our government! the french are so smart
  • i cant wait to come back and learn about new religions that we can practice. if nobody else said it was bad
  • the education system from the U.S. and germany. and we'll make it free like france
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