Heidi UA-1 (chapter 11)
Updated: 2/23/2021
Heidi UA-1 (chapter 11)

Storyboard Text

  • Wow!
  • This is how you can make clothes for dolls.
  • And he walked up the mountain to see his sheep...
  • Every afternoon during Mrs. Sessemann's visit, while Clara was resting, Heidi would come to Clara's room and Mrs. Sessemann would amuse Heidi in a variety of ways.
  • Mrs. Sessemann had some pretty little dolled and showed Heidi how to make clothes for them and without realizing, Heidi had learnt how to sew.
  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • My dear tell me why you are not happy, is it the same problem?
  • Did you tell god about it?
  • Sometimes Mrs. Sessemann would let Heidi read aloud from her book which of course pleased her very much.
  • No.
  • It is no use. There are so many people in Frankfurt and he probably did not hear me
  • Why have you stopped?
  • And do you still pray to him every day to make you happy again?
  • But in spite of all these pleasant distractions Heidi did not look very happy and her eyes had quite lost their sparkle.
  • One afternoon during the last week of grandmama's came into the room as usual