Quan, Megan - Reunifying China
Updated: 1/17/2020
Quan, Megan - Reunifying China
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  • We want freedom!!!
  • Wu
  • Wei
  • Shu-Han
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  • Han Dynasty FallsThe emperor was forced to give up his throne due to bad leading. Peasants became mad about the work they were forced to do by the elite. They decided to start the Yellow Turban Rebellion and after a long time, tore the empire apart.
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  • Three Kingdom's ReignThe empire split into 3 kingdoms with 3 different rulers; Wei, Wu, and Shu-han. After they took over, China went into chaos. The leaders all fought for control over the empire. Eventually, all the rulers fell.
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  • Sui DynastyThe new leader, Wendi, seized control of the empire after its recent chaos and founded the Sui Dynasty. Art, government, and religion were some of the few things that improved in this Golden age. Wendi soon passed, and the heir, Yandi, took over. However, he was not a good ruler, and the empire lost to rebellions once again.
  • Tang DynastyAfter the Sui dynasty fell, a general by the name of Li Yuan took over. He established an age of prosperity and politics. Music, poetry, and jewelry were more advanced. Unfortunately, rebellions broke out for the 3rd time. They didn't tear the dynasty apart but still weakened it greatly. The dynasty collapsed, separating China into 5 kingdoms.
  • Song DynastyThe 5 dynasties thing didn't last, and a military inspector general named Taizu took the throne. He founded the Song dynasty, which included another golden age, exams, population increase, and more. They built on the Han's ideas, invented printing and clocks, and improved farming and art. Everything was finally looking up.
  • Silk Road Silk was highly valued in China, so it was natural that many people wanted it. It used to be a secret on how they made it, but two monks exposed this secret by smuggling it out. Even though people found out, it was still popular and lead to the Silk Road, a trading system protected by the Great Wall of China. This advancement increased both diversity and the wealth of Chinese culture.
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