TKAMB Comic strip
Updated: 11/26/2020
TKAMB Comic strip

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  • Jem and Scout are walking home to dinner after Atticus sees them in court.
  • Well, what do you think 'bout the court case?
  • I can tell ya that there's not gonna be a panacea for this one; people's gonna be unhappy either way.
  • Atticus seemed very nonchalant about it.
  • I'm sure he just wanted to act confident so everything might turn out alright.
  • Some people esteem Atticus while others are malevolent towards him.
  • Well, that's one way to put it.
  • You know, Tom's offense seems hardly venial, but in reality, he didn't do anything!
  • Yeah! Many people are supercilious to black people; white people think they are better than them just because of their skin color!
  • He even has a broken hand. He couldn't have possibly beat up Mayella. And, Mr. Ewell was a leftie! It's clear who really beat her up!
  • Yeah, you gotta be real scrupulous while judging a case 'cause one small detail could change the outcome.
  • Yeah! And people want to expunge Tom for something he didn't even do! What a shame!
  • Fine.
  • Yeah Scout. You're right. But let's just go inside and eat dinner, okay?
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