Chinese Achivements
Updated: 1/17/2020
Chinese Achivements
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  • Daoist influence caused the revolt, spreading the knowledge of natural order across the lower class. Daoist leaders lead the lower classes to rebel against the government, because of how much power the emperor's servants had. Due to rebellion the Han dynasty fell and China went into chaos.
  • Wei
  • Shu-Han
  • Wu
  • After the Han Dynasty fell, China broke up into 3 different kingdoms.
  • Then, the Sui Dynasty rose after Emperor Wendi united China. During this time, art flourished and was promoted.
  • After the Sui Dynasty fell, another period of chaos took place. Soon, the Tang Bynasty came to power. The Tang Dynasty promoted literature and poetry.
  • The Song Dynasty rose to power. During this time, many achievements were made.
  • The Song Dynasty made many advancements in art. For example, Many paintings of nature were made during this time.
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