One on One

Updated: 5/12/2020
One on One

Storyboard Text

  • No way, loser!
  • Hey give me my ball back!
  • Give the kid his ball back and stop being mean!
  • Ok! Ok!
  • One evening Jason was playing basketball at the park court practicing layups.
  • When walking through the park, some bullies came and stole his basketball and made fun of him. At this time a girl by the name Rylie, spotted Jason and the bullies and overheard the commotion.
  • No problem!
  • Thank you for getting my ball back!
  • She walked over to the court and asked why the bullies are being mean to Jason. The bullies knew who Rylie was and didn't want to mess with her. So they gave the ball back and left.
  • After the bullies ran off, Rylie gave Jason back his basketball.
  • Jason then thanked Rylie for everything she did for him.
  • Jason then went back to practicing his layups and Rylie went her own way.