What I Had Before I Had you -Literary Term Analysis
Updated: 1/13/2020
What I Had Before I Had you -Literary Term Analysis
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  • Protagonist
  • *past*
  • Antagonist
  • Theme
  • Imagery: "She is lying on my bed, wrapped in her pink silk bathrobe, sad-eyed, cheek to my greasy pillow. An empty wineglass on my bedside table and a thumbed copy of Great Expectations speak to her vigil" (page 114).
  • Olivia is a smart, creative, adventurous person. She could also be naive and careless. Within the book, Olivia shares past with the readers and we find out many things about her and how much she changed in the book.
  • Hyperbole: "'He's, like, Fifty'" (page 97).
  • Olivia's mother is crazy, strict and cruel. But, the mother is very protective overher daughter. It seems to be in Olivias mind that her mother is controlling. Also, we learn that her mother is almost childlike and doesn't give much attention to her daughter Olivia.
  • Foreshadowing: "'I do not belong to her'" (page 116)
  • The theme in What I Had Before I Had You, is coming of age. Olivia at a young age was effected at a young and now she sees things very different because of what her mom wanted for her. Her mom never realized that she needs to let her daughter grow and expand her options and not hold her hostage.
  • After Olivia had snuck out to hang out with her friends and getting caught she carefully sneaks back into her house to find her mom lying in her bed.
  • Olivia was dropped by her dad and her friend Kandy was waiting up for her and noticed they started talk. After the dad had driven off Kandy says that he's nice but Olivia takes it the wrong way and the author shows hyperbole to exaggerate Olivias response.
  • The author uses foreshadowing to give readers clues to show things that have not occurred yet. Olivia is thinking about running away, but no one knows. In the book, she thinks a lot about how her mom is controlling and that she wants to be free from her.
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