The right and left handed twins
Updated: 6/9/2020
The right and left handed twins
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  • You're a lier!
  • Say that one more time and you're dead meat
  • As the Wife fell through the hole in the Sky World, she grabbed onto some dirt and roots. As she continued to fall, some seagulls helped her land onto the back of a sea-turtle. There she went across the sea-turtle's shell sprinkling earth and bits of roots, which eventually grew into crops, grass, and trees. She gave birth to a daughter who helped her with her job. The daughter became pregnant and was expecting twins. The right-handed and the left-handed twins quarreled as to how they should be born. The right-handed twin suggested using the natural path, while the left-handed twin wanted to take a different route because he saw the light coming from above. They went there separate ways, while the right-handed twin had a normal birth, the left-handed twin was born out of the left armpit, killing their mother. The left-handed twin was evil and a lier, while the right-handed twin was always righteous and truthful. They continued fighting, which eventually led to a duel to determine who was better.
  • The right-handed (blue) and left-handed (orange) twins quarreled over who is lying.
  • I will defeat him with what I create.
  • Backstory
  • Let's settle this forever with a DUAL TO DEATH!!!!
  • The right-handed twin created herbivores, berries, and humans using clay.
  • AAAHHHH!!!
  • You are a murderer!
  • You always favored him. It's you, who should be punished.
  • Using clay, the left-handed twin created carnivores, medicines (both good and bad), and insects, to try and subdue his brother.
  • After a while, things got serious, and they declared a duel to the death. The left-handed twin chose a stick, while the right-handed twin chose a sword. The right-handed twin eventually kills the left-handed twin and throws him into water.
  • When their grandmother learned about what happened, she was furious and called right-handed twin a murderer. He grew angry and told that she always favored the left-handed twin, who was responsible for their mother's death. Still angry, the right-handed twin kills his grandmother, throwing her body in the water and her head into the sky, which became the moon.
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