Phaethon tries to drive the Chariot of the sun god- Mariam
Updated: 12/16/2019
Phaethon tries to drive the Chariot of the sun god- Mariam
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  • This is Phaethon, he is the son of Helios (god of sun) and Clymene. He was very stubborn.
  • Phaethon dear, you are still too young and you don't know what will happen. Now is just not the time.
  • Mother, please let me go see my father, I am ready and it is time.
  • Phaethon was stubborn to the extent that he disobeyed his mother and went to Helios, his father. He was amazed by the place his father lived in afterall, he is the sun of the god.
  • Great light of the world, I am your son, Father.
  • You are most welcome here, my son. To prove my love for you, I promise to give you anything you ask of me.
  • Father, can I ride the fire lashing horse?
  • Helios promised his son that he will do anything he wishes, so he agreed.
  • They are very aggressive son, and you won't know how to control them.
  • Goddess of the morning (Eos)
  • Phaethon had control over the horses at first, but they became uncontrolling. Zeus struck Phaethon by lightning.
  • Phaethon fell into the river because he was struck by lightening. Phaethon's stubbornness led to his death.
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