Another day
Updated: 11/6/2020
Another day

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  • Zoom Meeting #58
  • Maybe she's just trying to keep you safe, you know.
  • I really hate this. I don't know why mom put me in this.
  • Yeah, she's probably just worried, you shouldn't say you hate this or something Mark.
  • Bus ride
  • Why do my glasses keep fogging?
  • Hey, you knew there was a backside to the test, right?
  • Great! Now mom's gonna kill me! Thanks Zack!
  • The walk to class
  • Or was it in Science?
  • I think I should be able to get in down in PLT, on Otus hopefully. You better be telling the truth Zack!
  • Yeah, Social Studies is pretty easy.
  • Mark is complaining about Virtual school, but his friends are telling him he shouldn't.
  • Open Assessment
  • And it's due tomorrow?
  • Here's your lunch Mark.
  • Anthony has forgotten about a backside to the test in science, but Zack reminds him about it.
  • Panic!
  • Remember, you have a test to- Anthony, why are you doing that?
  • Wait, it was in Science?!
  • Zack and Anthony are heading to class, when Zack reminds him that the test is in social studies, but then thinks if it was in science or not.
  • Discord Call
  • Sorry, we thought it would be funny!
  • We won't do it again!
  • Mark is wondering why his friends told him that he has an open assessment. But what is that? He's never heard of it before.
  • Thanks.
  • What would they mean by, "Open assessment"?
  • Anthony sees that the test was in science, and panics because he didn't study.
  • Whats up with him?
  • At night, Mark and his friends are on a discord call, and is mad at his friends for telling him about something he didn't have.
  • Guys! Why would you mess with me like that?!