The amazing adventures of NN and NN
Updated: 1/22/2020
The amazing adventures of NN and NN
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  • Hi! I`m Neolithic Nel!
  • Welcome to the Amazing Adventures of Neolithic Nel and Neolithic Nick!
  • And I`m Neolithic Nick!
  • Back in the Palolithic times, there was no stable food supply everyone had to focus on finding food to survive that was their main job.
  • In Neolithic times things began to get better. There were lots of advancements to civilizations. One of the advancements is the increase of food supply throughout villages.
  • Another advancement was shelter. Now that they didn't have to gather and hunt they didn't have to move homes so often.They could build permanent shelters and settle down.
  • The last advancement I am going to explain is the advancement of jobs. Now that people had a stable food supply they could focus on other talents. There were jobs like potter, farmer and trader.
  • Now, people use tractors and other machinery to harvest for them. People have I phones and computers. People today also have modern clothes. Villages evolved into big cities with a variety of technological advancements.
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