Phineas Gage Chapter 1
Updated: 3/9/2020
Phineas Gage Chapter 1
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  • Phineas Gage an ancient American railroad constructor gets an iron rod pierced through his head while he does his job, "blasting solid rock into pieces small enough for his crew to dig loose with their hand or tools and haul away in ox carts.
  • When the doctor, Dr. Williams arrived at the scene of the accident he is surprised to see that Phineas Gage is still alive with the iron rod removed from his head and taking with his men. He asks Phineas some questions.
  • Where did the iron bar enter you?
  • *Points to the wound on his cheek*
  • "I thought he was deceived,""I asked him where the bar entered, and he pointed to the wound on his cheek, which I had not discovered before."
  • The doctors of 1848 don't realize that gangrene is the end result of bacterial infection. They don't realize that floating in the air dust particles, lurking on fingertips or growing on the shiny steel blades of their unwashed surgical scalpels are single-celled bacteria and other microscopic life forms.
  • Phineas should have been dead long before this. A thirteen pound iron rod through the head should kill a person instantly. Surviving that, he should have died of shock soon after reaching Cavendish. He's lost a lot of blood, yet he remains awake and talkative.
  • Phineas Gage is an medical Phenomenon and an amazing person that helped us doctors learn more about brain injuries
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