Most Dangerous game:Seth Barton
Updated: 8/27/2018
Most Dangerous game:Seth Barton
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  • Expostion
  • "What island is it?" Rainsford asked.
  • "OFF THERE to the right--somewhere--is a large island," said Whitney." It's rather a mystery--"
  • Turning point
  • He flung himself down at the jungle edge and tumbled headlong into the deepest sleep of his life.
  • Rising Action
  • "I've read your book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet, you see," explained the man. "I am General Zaroff.
  • He was finding the general a most thoughtful and affable host, a true cosmopolite. 
  • Whitney and Rainsford was going on a hunting trip to rio. They were Going to go hunt Jaguars. They pass this Island that was scary and know one knew about.
  • Climax
  • I give him a supply of food and an excellent hunting knife. I give him three hours' start. I am to follow, armed only with a pistol of the smallest caliber and range. If my quarry eludes me for three whole days, he wins the game. If I find him "--the general smiled--" he loses."
  • rainsford fell overboard and swam 4 miles. Then found rocks and slept on them and then woke up to see a big castle on the island. He was greeted by Ivan and General Zaroff.
  • Falling Action
  • He shrugged his shoulders. Then be sat down, took a drink of brandy from a silver flask, lit a cigarette, and hummed a bit from Madame Butterfly. 
  • The general made one of his deepest bows. "I see," he said. "Splendid! One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in this very excellent bed.
  • Eats and gets nice clothes from gerald Zaroff. Finds out Zaroff knows him by his hunts. Learns more things about the island and General Zaroff and gets sleep.
  • Resolution
  • Rainsford did not smile. "I am still a beast at bay," he said, in a low, hoarse voice. "Get ready, General Zaroff."
  • Zaroff Tells Rainsford he hunts people. Then Rainsford finds out Zaroff wants to hunt him. They hunt each other for three days.
  • Rainsford and Zaroff are hunting each other for three days. Rainsford shoots Zaroof in the arm on one day but Zaroof gets rest for the next day. Rainsford Kills one of the dogs the next day .Rainsford makes a trap to try to kill Zaroof but kills Ivan. He runs off into the sea.
  • Rainsford is Alive and Tells Zaroff That he has just lost. Rainsford kills General Zaroff. Rainsford never slept in a bed so Comfortable.
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