Updated: 3/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • what are you doing here tally?
  • Tally sneaks out of Uglievillie to go see New Pretty Town
  • i need to tell you something tally.
  • Tally snuck out to visit Peris because she missed him. She almost got caught and Peris came off as rude and different after his surgery.
  • goodbye
  • Tally and Shay look at their morphos and talk about their beliefs on the society.
  • Shay brings Tally to the rollercoaster and confesses about her whereabouts with her friend, David.
  • Shay leaves to go to the Smoke. She gives Tally the paper note of how to go to the Smoke.
  • Dr. Cable forces Tally to rat out Shay and is told to she has to find smoke.