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Lather and Nothing Else (Elements of Lit)
Updated: 9/23/2018
Lather and Nothing Else (Elements of Lit)
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  • Setting
  • "It's hot as the devil, I want a shave."
  • Conflict
  • Should I kill him or not?
  • Characters
  • The setting is in a barber shop in a Latin American Country.
  • Motivation
  • I have to! It's my duty!
  • This is Man Vs. Himself because when the barber was shaving his beard, he was very nervous because he was deciding whether he should kill the captain because they are on opposite sides of an occurring War.
  • Tone/Style
  • There are two main characters, Captain Torres, and the barber. The barber is the protagonist and the antagonist would be his mind, and whether he should kill the captain or not.
  • Irony
  • Thanks for the shave, they told me you were gonna kill me so I was ready and brought a gun.
  • Duty would be the barber's motivation to kill him because the Captain has killed a lot of people and if he kills him he would be a hero to his people and save more lives.
  • The tone of this story would be suspense because throughout the plot he keeps thinking to himself if he is gonna do it or not but we never know until we read the end.
  • The Ironic part in this story is that Captain Torres was already told and ready for if the barber was going to kill him.
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