helping new immigrants
Updated: 11/10/2020
helping new immigrants

Storyboard Text

  • Hey whats wrong?
  • we are new to the neighborhood and we want to settle in
  • For starters have you heard of snap?
  • Its a program that supplies you with food
  • No,whats that?
  • To apply for snap you type MyBenefitsNY in your search browser
  • What about schools,will he be accepted into one?
  • Yes he will get accepted into one because its mandatory for all children to go to school documented or not
  • (You can prove residency with a library card,utility bills or something that proves you live here)
  • A way to apply for school if your undocumented is by giving a copy of the child's birth certificate or just prove residency
  • One last thing, what about language, are son doesnt speak English wont that affect ho he learns
  • One of the programs that can help you is ILC which is short for Immigrant Learning Center
  • Yes but dont worry there are many programs that can not only teach your son English but also help him develop different skills he might need in the future
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